Monday, July 5, 2010

Six Month Check Up

Sean had his 6 month check up and the doctor seemed thrilled. It was funny to watch. The doctor says something like: You made your six months! Isn't that great? Sean says I guess so, yeah. Once the doctor said we should be thrilled because the bulk of the statistics for rejection are in the first year, but higher in the first six months. So, we are thrilled!

We knew from the beginning that we were blessed to have so many matches-three in case you didn't know. Having this information certainly helped ease some fears in the rejection arena.

We have started walking again. Food is tasting good so Sean is bulking up a little. I am being a little bit of a nag about "portion size" and walking. So we are getting back to our WW training. The portion control does two things. It keeps us at our appropriate sizes AND saves us money on food.

We have a full house again! Dayle is home from ETSU and we are sleeping better. I turn my cell off at night, but leave it charging at my bedside. However, for five weeks my phone has been on all night and I'd glance at it through the night to see if I missed anything. So, I am back to turning it off and sleeping more sound. I guess in two years we will go back to restless sleep when she goes off to college. Ha ha...

I finished painting Garett's room and we've found some wall art and things to finish it. He can search some antique shops to round out his decorations. He loves it and that is what is important. His room is red and white by the way. I was a little nervous about red, but it isn't that bad. It is a deep enough red for me to be comfortable. When I began, I thought I would only paint one wall red and the rest white. However, he has two big walls red and the other two are red and white. It looks nice.

Dayle seems to like her room and is motivated to clear more out. She worked on her closet the other day and got rid of some clothes she doesn't wear. She even did some of her dresser drawers and got rid of more than we had. Yeah!!!

We are still in the "clearing out" mode. We are downsizing all linens, furniture and such. We figure in two years or less, we will move somewhere else in Clarksville AND we don't want to move useless (or large) stuff if we can do without it.

On the agenda for the remainder of our summer is a trip to KY to visit G's best friend, a trip to MO to visit family and friends and I believe that is it!

I hope everyone enjoys their summer and doesn't get too overheated!

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