Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow! Our Daughter Rocks!

Well this week was a good one for Dayle. She made the softball team AND got accepted to Governor's School in East TN. This program will allow her an opportunity to earn 7 college credit hours and experience what it's like to live away from home. She will be gone for 5 weeks over the summer. It begins just days after our school year ends.

Her softball practices are Monday through Friday so her life just got super busy. We are going to allow her to drive herself because we won't be able to get her to games on time with the new extended schedule. She will be required to be at the games by 4:15 and I won't get off work until almost 4:30 now. She has been driving herself around this weekend to practice. Interesting that her license came in the right time frame.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Life, Back to Routine

Well, I am happy to say that some things never change. When the TV wasn't working because of snow on the dish, my husband went outside, stood on the camper and cleaned the dish so he could watch the news in the morning. Routine!!! (If I balk, his response would simply be.....I didn't lift!) My husband!

Also, his frustration with "cooking every night." Yes, for those that don't know, I married very well-I do NOT cook! Thank you Lord. He would rather have gone out in 20 degree weather than cook last night, but payday isn't until tomorrow, so dinner he made. His creative nights are the best dinners. He gets bored so he takes an old favorite and changes it. This one was a hit. Funny-he NEVER writes it down or I might actually cook some nights.

He looks fabulous, for those that haven't seen him. He is keeping the weight off and once the weather clears up some, he will go walking with me in the early mornings to take off some more. Some say he needs no more weight off, but under 200 is the goal. He isn't really that far away, so it is certainly attainable. I get to reap the benefits of a hottie husband. Ladies isn't that called "arm candy" or something-haha. Anyway, sharp dressed is the goal. His stupid T-Shirts are like 3 sizes too big-hard to put my arm around him with all that fabric hanging off him. We are slowly buying new things, but outwear is the most important since he needs to look presentable at work-T-Shirts are not the priority yet.

The donor has been back in CA for a while now. Doing well-Sean talks to him. I feel like I was a pain in his butt keeping up with his appts and such that I leave him alone mostly. That poor man is not used to having a nagging wife, so I figure, I'll let Sean handle the updates on him. I do think he might have liked to ban me from his room when I was making him walk during his hospital stay. I did it because I love him!

We are trying to plan a visit to see him. He's been in CA for 9 years and we've never been, is high time. I really don't want to be on a plane that long (I'm not afraid of flying just used to two hour flights.).

Funny-I thought I had nothing to say-lol.